Our Five Favorite Mega Man Weapons!

Our Five Favorite Mega Man Weapons! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

It's been two years since our last drop featured the iconic Mega Man franchise, and last time we put together an article outlining our five favorite Mega Man bosses - that was a helluva list, since there are so many great ones to choose from... So we decided to try our hands at an equally difficult list to put together: Our five favorite Mega Man weapons!

First and foremost, if you want to take a look at our Mega Man boss blog, check it out HERE! But without further ado, let's break down our five favorite weapons/powers from the Mega Man franchise - keep in mind, these might not necessarily be the most meta, super OP weapons of the bunch, but instead a combo of powerful, effective, and fun/interesting to use. Let's take a look!


Black Hole Bomb - Mega Man 9

Slay the Galaxy Man in Mega Man 9, and get rewarded with the first weapon on our list - the unique and powerful Black Hole Bomb! You see some less-effective versions of this in later Mega Man titles (namely the comparably weak Gravity Well from Mega Man X 3), but this one was a real humdinger when you get your hands on it. Not only is it a potent damage dealing attack that you can control manually, but it pulls in nearby enemies AND any shots they've fired at you. It's got a bit of a skillcap to use, but when you master it it's a great tool in your epic arsenal!

Homing Torpedo - Mega Man X

Not the first homing weapon to be added to Mega Man's tools, but certainly one of the best the series has seen. The ability to provide you with some pretty fast-firing and pretty high damage from a good distance that also homes in on targets? Pretty dang strong if you ask us - and it allows you to crush some of the bosses that can give you some trouble in the game (namely Vile), AND to top it all off, you get it from defeating Launch Octopus, which is featured in all its AR glory in this month's Pinfinity+ Gaming drop (check it out HERE!)


Spinning Blade - Mega Man X3

This weapon is just plain ridiculous - it does take a little getting used to once you've acquired it from Crush Crawfish, but boy oh boy when you do... It does some serious work. It might not deal with smaller pesky enemies that well, it's an absolute beast against bigger foes, thanks to a massive hit box and tremendous close-range damage. Basically just throw this weapon on, get comfy with some close engagements, and get ready to see enemies and bosses alike get deleted, even without a chargeup!


Storm Tornado - Mega Man X

Usually at the top of people's lists like this for a reason, this weapon is almost a cheat code for some people, and usually a must-get early on in Mega Man X, especially for newer players to get them something potent to help them with the harder parts of the game. The range of this ability, combined with its persistent damage effect, is devastating for small and big enemies alike, and can trivialize certain boss encounters/mechanics too. Need some help with certain bosses in Mega Man X? Well, take down Storm Eagle, get your Buster on this thing, and let the butt-kicking commence!


Mega Buster

Okay, hear me out... How can you NOT think the Mega Buster is Mega Man's most badass weapon? The tried and true Buster is attached to your arm no matter what game you play, and this trusty weapon will get you through the lion's share of your encounters, regardless of which Mega Man you're playing, what boss you're facing, etc. Not only is the Mega Buster an ole reliable, but depending on the game you're playing the upgrades that Dr. Light can hook you up with can oftentimes make the Mega Buster the most potent weapon in your arsenal. But even when it isn't juiced up landing huge charged shots, it's still the main go-to, and easily our favorite weapon in the Mega Man universe!

And there you have it! There are SO MANY incredible Mega Man weapons and powers to choose from - which are your favorite? Let us know on social, or visit our Discord!

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