Five Favorite Mega Man Bosses!

Five Favorite Mega Man Bosses! | Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

To celebrate our MEGA Pinfinity+ drop, which features Maverick Hunters X and Zero coming to life in Augmented Reality, we've been playing a LOT of Mega Man games - and it got us thinking! What are our favorite Mega Man bosses?

Throughout the history of Mega Man, unique and interesting boss battles have been a major feature we've come to expect when booting up a new game. Exciting boss arenas, creative boss designs, unique boss mechanics, and more, have all become staples of the average Mega Man boss - but not all Mavericks are created equal! So today (in no particular order, because they're ALL good!) we're sharing our five favorite Mega Man bosses!

Sigma (Mega Man X)

Sigma's Fortress in Mega Man X encapsulates the entire MMX experience so perfectly - an entire zone where all of your X-Buster boss weapons and suit upgrades are put to the test! And once you finally reach the final encounter (hopefully with some reserve tanks loaded up!), you'll experience a multi-phase fight against Sigma and his trusty pet Velgauder that truly does test your gaming mettle. Pro tip! Save up some Rolling Shield ammo for the final phase, it can really make it a breeze!

Sword Man (Mega Man 8)

Flaming swords are rad, we all know this... So the boss that literally has a flaming sword for an arm was going to have to make the list for me. The boss fight was an interesting one, as his top and bottom halves of his body worked independently of each other, making his movements and attacks somewhat unpredictable. His flame sword weapon upgrade proves to be a useful one throughout the rest of Mega Man 8 - and to make this boss even cooler, he was designed by a fan and his flame sword weapon actually made such an impact that it made its way into Smash Bros. as an attack for Mega Man!

Metal Man (Mega Man 2)

When it comes to iconic and quintessential bosses in Mega Man history, most lists include Metal Man. For an early entry in the series, his weapon and abilities were pretty impressive for the time (being that Mega Man 2 came out in 1988!), and he's also got one of the greatest watercooler moments in Mega Man history - you can use his own weapon against him! I'll never forget asking myself "why would someone use the thing they're weak against as their weapon?" Well, I guess because he thought we'd never expect it - too bad for Metal Man, us gamers are smart!


Magma Dragoon (Mega Man X4)

Ex-Maverick Hunter turned Maverick, Magma Dragoon is one of the most amazing and iconic boss fights in Mega Man X gaming history. Magma Dragoon always had a personal vendetta against X and Zero, making it very easy for Sigma to convince him to go rogue - what better way to get a chance to take out X and Zero than to join up with the bad guys? His boss fight plays out almost like a fighting game fight, emulating a fighting style not unlike fellow Capcom fighter Ryu. The fight is beautiful, his abilities are impressive, and his Rising Fire ability is easily one of the cooler and effective weapons in MMX4.


Proto Man

 And finally... We've got Proto Man! How could we not include the foe that's faced off against our protagonist almost as many times as Sigma! First seen in Mega Man 3, and initially introduced as Break Man, Proto Man is as iconic a boss as you can find in Mega Man history - maybe it's because at the end of MM3 it's revealed by Dr. Light himself that Break Man is actually Proto Man - Mega Man's older brother! This sibling rivalry plays out in numerous Mega Man titles, including 3 and 9, and as a playble character in Mega Man 10!

And there you have it! There are SO MANY incredible Mega Man bosses to choose from, so I'm sure we left some of your favorites out - let us know which ones we missed on our social channels!

And finally... Have you signed up for your MEGA Pinfinity+ pins yet?! Head to and sign up by August 31st to lock in our exclusive X and Zero Mega Man X pins!


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