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Love my pins

Love my high on life AR pins so much! Thank you!

Pinfinity pin backings

I bookmarked these because MTG has recently been giving away top 8 pins that pinfinity makes and I have friends that regularly lose pin backings. These came in clutch and we're delivered in a couple of days and we're perfect. Affordable, fast delivery, and same quality as the originals ^^ highly recommend.

Repping for Tetris!

Lovely piece paying respect to the game we have all played at some point in our lives.

Great product

Very good type of product, probably going to buy more in the future

Some of the most interesting memorabilia out there!

It truly is a remarkable product, from the quality of the metal and the base rubber backs to the entertainment the AR and wallpapers give you, it’s a nice little piece to have alongside something you have interest in.

Premium quality pins with even more value added

I signed up for a monthly subscription because I loved the Midnight Hunt set. Since then every set has been a smash hit.

Each MTG set comes with three incredibly designed pins that have been manufactured to be sturdy. They are a good size and have two points of contact as standard.

They all come with rubber backs which are a lot better than standard clasps and there is an option at the moment to get locking clasps to match the colour of the backs

All in all these pins are amazing... And yet that's not all!

Each pin is designed with Augmented Reality! Scanning with the Pinfinity app lets you see animations and artwork from your pins. There are even selfie themed features and some have fun twists like rolling dice!

If you're even remotely considering a Pinfinity purchase, I say go for it! The community built around them is amazing and the team behind the badges really love what they do, and boy does it show!

Love it

I think you get a great deal for your money. Sometimes they throw a little extra in and it’s a lovely surprise.

Black Rangers

Again loved the details on this piece as well as the AR Scan footage displayed on the pin.

Red Ranger

Love the Pin! Excellent detail, and the AR scan interaction with the pin showing footage was a nice touch.

Great product

This is probably my favorite playmat. Everyone at the LGS thought the AR was so cool.
Fun side note the AR works on the art card you can pull in the set boosters.

Another fantastic offering from the team

An absolutely delightful set - Space Beleren is wonderfully rendered (in fact both this and the Mythic version are excellent), plush Ajani is adorable, and I have to say - I love the matte finish on Myra. A great snapshot of Unfinity (loved that you got your preview card in there too for the pin collection!)

No negating this!

(This is the closest I'm going to get to the actual card tbh) Have to hand it to the designers when they looked at the original art, capturing the different levels to transform it into a pin must have been hard. With the limited palette, the delicacy of the surrounding magic, and the translation of the character art, the result is fantastic. Another great pin from the team.

the amount of detail in these pins are awesome

Morphinomenal to wear or collect!

Big Power Rangers fan here and I've seen a variety of pins done by licensees and fans alike. These are very nice and among the top-tier of pins I've purchased. Well illustrated likenesses are true to the design of the classic Mighty Morphin' helmets. Pins themselves are good quality (on par with Disney Parks pins), smooth metal, nicely polished with evenly filled hard-enamel. Size is large enough for an impressive display but small enough to wear at cons. Highly-recommended!

Magic: the Gathering - Stained Glass Mana Set

High quality product

This pin did not disappoint, highly recommend. The pin itself looks great and is high quality, and I very much enjoyed the AR effects. If you like the art for Force of Negation, you will probably love this pin.


First time to buying your product. Excellent quality. Thank you!

Kids wanted to order more

I had seen the review on YouTube Empiretoys 1138 from the London Toy fair. I just received the second order as the kids didn’t want to wait until Xmas.


The pin looks great and the lanyard feels really sturdy

A really lovely pin!

I just got this pin, and i must say that it is top tier in all its qualities. The enamel pin itself is of great quality and detail. The colors and materials look well done. The augmented reality function is also plenty of fun to use. Love it!

Great look!

I love the packaging, it provides safe delivery and display of the pin!

Pin Order

Pins came in fast, in great condition, and done beautifully.

Tetris - I Heart Tetris (Color)
Kelsey Miller-Mercer
It was adorable.

It was adorable and got to me before it was schedule to!


They were better than I expected! I literally go around telling my friends that I have "real mana rocks," (slang for mana producing artifacts cards).

A superb and lovely rarity pin!

I love the style of these pony pins! The AR function for this one is fun to watch and the enamel pin is more than well worth it! Would get another one!