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I really love the pin and the music when you activate AR!

Fabulous Phone

This pin is so adorable! It reminds me of a fake cell phone my brother and I used to play with when we were little. I love the sentimentality of the pin and the added surprise you get on the augmented reality app.

Nicely made.

I've had it on my backpack for a week now and I haven't been nice to backpack, and I must say the quality of the pin has really held up. It is nicely made and still has the shine as if I just put it on.

O-Kagachi Mythic edition

All the details of this piece are beautifully made with this pin. Will really enjoy showing this one off for a long time to come.

Tamiyo Compleats Me

As always another outstanding Pin from Pinfinity. The colors pop and the pin is well made and one of my favorites to date.

Cool pins to feed my addiction

Really beautiful pins, gonna be wearing em for a while yet.

Cool SF Pin

I love this and thank you.

Pretty great!

Colours are vibrant, the packaging is sturdy, and the included print is delightful. I shall definitely consider another product from the lovely folks at Pinfinity again!

Magic: the Gathering - Green Mana Crest

The box and all contents are beautiful and are made of great quality.


The pin is much sturdier than I expected and the art is phenomenal! Absolutely phenomenal nerd paraphernalia

love the pins and the packaging is very elegant

Street Fighter - SF II Arcade Marquee

Great quality

This pin is sick even without the augmented reality.

Mono White Pin!

I really like Mono White, so this pin is dope! Plus its shows the dope Theros version!

Well Presented!

Such a lovely set, well designed! The packaging was top quality too!


Amazing quality and looks fantastic!

Noice pins

Solid pins.

Street Fighter - Blanka

Excellent pin!

Amazing detail and quality

The O-Kagachi Mythic pin and lanyard set is, in a word, gorgeous. The detail on it is absolutely fantastic, down to the subtle scaling of O-Kagachi. One thing you notice about it is the weight; it's a solid metal pin. The Kamigawa lanyard that comes with it lets you show off the pin (if that's your thing) - or you could just use it if you need a lanyard!

The AR portion is pretty cool as well; artwork, music and a neat little interactive option that I'll let you discover 🤩!

As a limited edition collectible, it's nice to own a bit of Magic history, especially from Kamigawa! YouTube video placeholder
MtG+ Kamigawa Pins

Quality work on these pins, which look even better in person. So much care & attention to detail are had when making them. Can't wait to show them off & get some locking backs to travel around with them on display.

Great Quality!

Big, beautiful, colorful pins. Packaging is fantastic. I fully recommend them if you're a fan of the game and love big pins.

Brilliant Quality & Design

These pins are beautiful to look at! Not only are they excellent representations of their card counterparts, but the AR features are fun and good conversation pieces.

You can tell a lot by the signet(s) someone brandishes for all to see, so send a message and do it in style with these pins because you'll quickly be telling others how they can obtain them and fight the oncoming Phyrexian surge!

Allies for life

The Allied/Enemy Signet set is a work of art. The box design alone caused so much nostalgia to bubble up that the serotonin cracking this set rivaled opening a set booster box. The deck builds included in the AR are good notch.

Congrats to the Pinfinity team for this set, and all their hard work. You all are a wonderful part of the community!

Awesome Quality

The pins are nice and hefty with great detail. Lovely product.