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Collectorโ€™s set

Great product, the packaging is nice ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

A great addition to my collection!

Looks awesome, and a good gift for my group that has extra surprises with their favorite classes!

Great gift!

I bought two of these, one for myself and the other for a friend of mine that reintroduced me to Tetris. Since then I've played the game wherever possible. The AR tech on the pin is so cool! The music and the secret menu amazed me as well!


Pac-Man pins are great, he's my favorite 80โ€™s video game character! It was perfect for my cork board pin collection!

Pac-Man - Import
Nicholas Juarez
Pac-Man Fever!

I love retro games and one of my favorite games is Pac-Man, and when I saw this in the store, I had to have it! The pin looks very colorful with a nice retro design. YouTube video placeholder
Really cool!

Super cool pins. High quality!

Tetris Fan!

This is my first pin from Pinfinity and my mind was blown away when I used AR for the first time. The pin design is very accurate to the classic Game Boy, not to mention the metal pin feels like high quality and not cheap metal. If you're a pin fan or a Tetris fan, then I highly recommend getting this pin! YouTube video placeholder
MTG+ Pins

The pins were beautiful!

Gorgeous Pins

These are the 1st pins I have bought from here and they are beautiful!

Love the Game & Love the Pins

Awesome and super retro

Super cool

They look very nice with good detail. Every Narita Boy fan should get these


Absolute masterpiece of a collectors item for any fan.

Narita Boy - Limited Edition Pin Set


MTG Pinfinity+


Loving the pins so far!

I'm only one drop into my 3-drop sub. And so far I'm loving all the pins I've gotten, and all the ones I see in the future! I can't wait to see what's up next!

So happy I bought this for a gift!

The presentation and high quality of the pins is perfect for gifting. I canโ€™t wait to see the happy recipient. ๐Ÿ˜€

A new showpiece for my collection.

This set was a very well packaged product, beyond happy with the presentation and quality. Thank you so much.

Great quality

Very sturdy and unique. Solid craftsmanship and the rubber backs protect the inside of whatever you are pinning. I love MTG and love the game nostalgia as well. Thanks for an awesome product! Looking forward to my subscription!

The next level in pin collecting!

I have been an avid pin collector for a couple of decades now, and these are the most innovative thing I've seen since bobblehead pins. Not only are they a great quality, but the AR features make them a wholly unique product. Highly recommend!

Best Dressed

Pins are well crafted.

Finally we have them all! They are quite a sight to behold.

Words do these mana symbol pins little justice. The sheer quality, size and design is beyond most enamel pins I own. Pinfinity pins are always the "S" rank of my enamel pin collection, and rightfully so with a set like this.
Was able to finally make my enemy color cap, they're not overly heavy either and clasp well with most if not any backing. Thanks again Pinfinity!

Just love my Line pins.

They're just so fun. Love the collection. Never disappointed in the Pinfinity pins!

Such cute pins.

The pins meet all my expectations. Very enjoyable. Fun to have.

Some of the best Street Fighter pins ever made.

The sheer quality of the pins is amazing, I had to switch over to clasp backs but none the less they really make my gear pop.

Awsome product!

A very innovative product, and maintaining the classic nostolgic look without any overused stylization thats too common in the collectable market today.