Thank You For a Great Launch!

Thank you! You made our launch a great success!

We've just finished our first week of being open and everyone's feedback has been amazing. On behalf of our whole team, we want to thank you for your support.

Don't forget to add images and posts about your new pins using #PINFINITY and tagging us @PINFINITYAR on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We can't wait to see how you display and interact with our first series.

Just a heads up, our Marvel Comic Box (Iron Man, Black Panther, and Captain America) and our Star Wars Concept Art series (New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) are ALMOST COMPLETELY SOLD OUT.

If you have purchased from us already, please review your pin with a quick e-mail response you will be receiving soon after delivery. If you haven't purchased from us yet, you can use the code LAUNCH to save 12% today.

What's next? We have some amazing artists we are working with and will be releasing a series of pins soon featuring their work.

We also have partnered with some awesome brands you know and love, and have been taking into consideration YOUR requests. Thank you again for your support and reach out if there is anything you'd like to say, even if it's just hello :)

We created Pinfinity to be experience focused, community-based and we are excited about building this with you. Thank you again for your support.

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