Pinfinity Completes Core Set of Planeswalkers with Six New MTG Pins!

Pinfinity Completes Core Set of Planeswalkers with Six New MTG Pins! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

Our Pinfinity Planeswalkers can rest easy knowing that all your hopes have been realized: We've added six more pins to our epic Magic: The Gathering Collection, rounding out the Mana pool and adding three new iconic Planeswalkers!

Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White - all five mana are now represented, and the remaining Core Set Planeswalkers join Chandra and Jace in our MTG collection, and the entire 10-pin series features gorgeous animations, amazing effects, DLC, and more thanks to the power of augmented reality! Check out the newest six MTG pins in all their AR glory below:

Garruk, Caller of Beasts & Green Mana

Green Mana represents adaptation, wisdom, and a spiritual instinct to protect the natural world around you - and sometimes by any means necessary! Garruk, one of the most well-known Planeswalkers, stands tall as a protector of nature, and its beasts, and wields them against his foes with an unmatched ferocity!

Liliana of the Dark Realms & Black Mana

The ruthless Liliana Vess is as beautiful as she is cunning, and she uses her wit, intelligence, and power over the dead to overwhelm and vex her enemies. A talented Necromancer and healer, Liliana has become a fearsome foe, and one not to be trifled with lightly! While she has become known by many names throughout the multiverse, Liliana's OG form is iconic and potent - as is her powerful Black Mana!

Ajani, Caller of the Pride & White Mana

Rounding out our Core Set Planeswalkers is Ajani Goldmane, the powerful Cat Warrior that has taken quite the epic journey in MTG lore. He's always been a powerful Leonin Warrior, and his ferocity manifested itself in White, Green, and even Red Mana - however, he learned that even in the journey to avenge the deaths of his loved ones, that the rage of the Red Mana was not the answer. He fully embraced an unwavering belief in justice and the protection of the weak, and the toppling of tyrants - this epiphany moment fully transitioned Ajani to the White Mana Planeswalker we know and love today!

Magic: The Gathering and Pinfinity have teamed up for some truly epic augmented reality collectible experiences, and a brand new subscription to boot!

Check out all of our MTG pins at, and sign up for our new MTG subscription at!

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