Pinfinity Launches Epic New Magic: The Gathering Collection!

Pinfinity Launches Epic New Magic: The Gathering Collection! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

Planeswalkers the world over can rejoice: Pinfinity has welcomed the iconic and world-renowned Magic: The Gathering to the Augmented Reality Pin Realm! For nearly a year, Pinfinity has been taking the pin game to new heights with gorgeous hard enamel pins that come to life with incredible AR animations, sound effects, downloadable content, and more - and now, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, Pinfinity has brought to life four amazing MTG pins: let's take a look!

Chandra, Pyromancer

We love the way Chandra's flames stand out on this epic slate black background. Making it feel like an exclusive collector's edition card is in the palm of your hand, only to come to life with fiery animations and epic DLC when scanned with our free-to-downlod Pinfinity app!

Jace, Memory Adept

I know I personally searched far and wide for my very own Jace Planeswalker card to fit into my super awesome (and incredibly obnoxious!) mono-Blue control deck. Knowledge is power, and Jace embodies that mantra - and then some! But now, I don't need to try and find myself a Jace anymore, since this bad boy is going to be on my desk for all to admire!

Red Mana

I've had a few favorite decks in my day, and I gotta say... My super aggro mono-Red Goblin deck might take the cake. Basically, I would just be dropping crazy Gobbies from turn 1, tossing out the occasional lightning bolt for some easy damage, all culminating in some insane damage through Goblin Grenade! It was fast-paced and chaotic, not unlike Red Mana itself!

Blue Mana

I've already mentioned my love for the incredibly aggravating mono-Blue control deck I was rocking back in the day - all made possible by the strategic, calculating, and methodical Blue Mana! There's nothing more infuriating in a game of Magic than to just, ya know, never get to cast spells - but the more spells I can cast, and the less spells my opponent can cast... That usually meant victory for me!

And this is only the beginning, MTG fans! This four-pins series is only just kicking off the epic Magic: The Gathering pin collection for Pinfinity. Got any Planeswalkers or iconic cards that you'd like to see in Pin form? Let us know on social!

And stay tuned for more amazing new MTG pins, all on sale at!

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