Our Five Favorite Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Cards!

Our Five Favorite Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Cards! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

Welcome back to another MTG+ blog, fellow Planeswalkers!

Now that the Midnight Hunt has been raging for a few weeks, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of our favorite cards from the new set so far - and let me tell you... There were some real bangers in here that we had to pick from! We have so many honorable mention cards between mega-value creature removal from White in Fateful Absence, cheap creature removal in Black thanks to Infernal Grasp, the super potent Tainted Adversary (easily our favorite from the Midnight Hunt Adversary cycle), the tremendously powerful Wrenn and Seven Planeswalker card, or even Adeline, Resplendent Cathar for both your Commander and Standard formats.

BUT... We had to narrow it to five, and doggonit we ended up cutting out some really fun cards to choose the five cards below. Now, these aren't necessarily in any particular order, and they're not necessarily what we're saying is the best cards, but these are just the ones we've had the most fun playing since the set released.

So without further ado...

Tovolar's Huntmaster/Tovolar's Packleader

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a big sucker for werewolves - always have been, always will be. Shoot... When I was a kid, I actually thought it would be cool to be a werewolf when I grew up, and sometimes I still think that, but I digress... 

Enter Tovolar's Huntmaster - this card is a doozy for your mono-green or even your green/x Werewolf decks. He stacks your board with wolves in human form, and when he transforms he can really overwhelm an opponent quickly with additional wolves if he's not dealt with. Plus, his activated ability forcing a wolf or werewolf to fight a target creature is insanely potent, especially in a set with so many powerful wolves and werewolves - a must-use for any canine decks out there!

Vanquish the Horde

At first glance you might wonder in what universe you would ever spend 8 mana on. Now, a big board wipe might actually be the answer to that question, but even then... At 8 mana that's a heckin' chonker of a card - good thing it's cheaper for every creature on the battlefield!

If you're starting to get overwhelmed by all those aggro decks that are still insanely popular and powerful, you can throw this bad boy down for two white mana if there are six or more creatures, and get yourself that fresh board state you need to take the power back!

Lier, Disciple of the Drowned

Oh, you like counter decks too? I gotta tell ya'... I love them! I have always loved pesky counter decks, mill decks, creature removal decks... I'm that jerk in your meta game that just wants to make the most aggravating decks possible - well, enter one of the best Legendary Creatures from Innistrad Midnight Hunt: Lier!

Lier, Disciple of the Drowned is a pretty nuts card, and it should be as a Mythic Rare Legendary - not only does this card turn all of your instant and sorcery spells from your graveyard into spells that can be cast again, but none of your spells can be countered - so not only can you continue to counter and blast at your opponents, but they can't counter you, PLUS you get to hit them with that Counterspell a SECOND TIME AROUND, for extra aggravation!

Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset


This is just a fun Planeswalker, and one that will be a major target as soon as it hits the battlefield. The +1 is honestly a super effective and potent action that potentially keeps your best cards accessible after they've been used, or to keep a pesky creature or artifact under control on your enemy's board. The -2, honestly, isn't too much to write home about is is really only useful when you're really needing to top-deck something huge. Just use that +1 and get ready for the event!

The main event, of course, being the -7 main resolution for this card - the emblem you get from Teferi will become a major win condition for a bunch of different deck types - the ability to ALWAYS have your permanents available (all creatures, artifacts, enchantments, lands, etc), along with additional card economy for the rest of the game is just a massive game changer. If you're facing a Teferi, you better make sure that -7 doesn't go off, and if it does: get ready for a tough battle ahead!

Tovolar, Dire Overlord/Tovolar, the Midnight Scourge


I know I said these were in no particular order, but I have to admit that I saved my personal best for last... I already mentioned my love for wolf/werewolf themed decks, and I had some pretty fun and powerful Red/Green werewolf decks from the first run of Innistrad - but Tovolar is the Legendary Werewolf that we've always wanted!

Not only do you have some potent wolf-aggro synergy that feeds you more cards as wolf and werewolf cards you have deal damage to a player, but the transform mechanic when you control three or more wolves and/or werewolves is incredibly strong and can really speed up the pace for your wolf decks to get ramped up. And when the Midnight Scourge side of the card hits the battlefield, watch out: you still have the aggro synergy getting you card economy, but that give target wolf or werewolf +X/+0 trample is huge, and depending on the point in the game it can be the death knell for your opponent that couldn't keep your furry friends in check!

PHEW! That was a tough list to crack, we have to say! But we think we've got a solid set of five cards from #MTGMidnight - what do you think? What were the cards you think we missed? Let us know on social!

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