Let's Meet Dead Island 2's Slayers!

Let's Meet Dead Island 2's Slayers! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

Is it April 21st yet?! If you're anything like us, you're chomping at the bit to take a trip straight to HELL-A to face off against the undead!

The much-anticipated sequel to the smash-hit Dead Island is right around the corner, and the epic cast of characters, known as The Slayers, has been revealed - and it looks like quite the motley crew ready to smash, slash, shoot, and loot their way through HELL-A! Let's take a look at the six Slayers and learn more about their skills and backstory to get your prepped for April 21st's release of Dead Island 2!


Carla takes on HELL-A with her very own brand of badassery, often seen toting a fire-axe that would make Jack Torrence jealous, and the attitude to match. This form stunt driver for motorcycles is a tough cookie, sporting some impressive abilities to keep her alive in the thick of things, while also boosting her damage when she's got multiple baddies around her - making her a serious damage dealer when things get up close and personal!


The handsome and burly Ryan joins the Slayers with an interesting and unique backstory: a former exotic dancer. There's no dancing around it, though: Ryan is a potent weapon against the undead! Likely the most tank-like character the pick from, Ryan has serious toughness boosts when he's dodging and blocking, and the ability to get some of his lost health back whenever he knocks down a zombie - which based on the videos we've seen of Ryan in action, there is going to be a LOT of knocking down and regenerating health going on!


A natural-born hustler with lots of charisma, Bruno joins the cast of characters with a backstory full of scamming and con artistry - ya know, just your typical "rogue" archetype kinda stuff here! Which makes sense, since his combat abilities focus around the ability to deal mad damage from behind (aka the good ole Backstab), along with the ability to swing with some seriously fast heavy attacks anytime he successfully evades damage from zombie. Sounds like quite the exciting gameplay flow, and very likely my go-to character to kick off Dead Island 2!


The tremendously athletic Amy joins the Slayers with some serious credentials! As a former Paralympian, this one-legged badass shows us all that you don't need four limbs to beat down on the undead. She's looking to be one of the more ranged-focused Slayers with abilities that buff her throwing weapon effectiveness, while also giving her big boosts to damage when she's attacking solo/isolated enemies - sort of your sniper character, it looks like! So if you want to be the agile and evasive sharpshooter of the bunch, Amy might be the way!


Joining us from across the pond, Londoner Jacob came to the United States to chase the American Dream! As a stuntman in Hollywood, he brings with him several tools of the trade that make him a pretty tough hombre against the hordes of zombies you'll be facing. Shaping up to be a big-time damage dealer, Jacob has the Feral ability, allowing him a stacking damage modifier for successful hits, along with an innate ability that significantly buffs his critical hit damage whenever he's low health - so a risk reward playstyle that looks to be pretty neat for anyone who wants to really lay the lumber!


And last but not least Dead Island 2 rounds out the Slayers with Dani, the foul-mouthed Irish Roller Derby Queen of HELL-A! We're looking at a big time, fast faced area of effect specialist that hopes to mow down the undead to chain together kills that refresh her health, and have them all Thunderstruck with an epic AOE attack that gets triggered when she uses a heavy attack. 

What a diverse and fun cast of characters to pick from here! Which Slayer is your favorite?! Let us know on social, or at our Discord HERE!

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