Leon Römer - Artist and Full-Time Pin Geek

Leon Römer - Artist and Full-Time Pin Geek - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins



We’ve recently collaborated with Amsterdam based artist, Leon Römer to create a collection of exclusive Pinfinity Augmented Reality pins. Leon has a super fun, quirky art style that we know you’ll love!

Check out the interview below and learn about Leon’s experience designing across different mediums and where he finds inspiration.

I would say that no matter what I make, in whatever medium or style, my one goal is always to make people smile and let them have a more pleasant day then they did without my art.

Tell us about your brand and the types of artwork you create.

The thing I love best about creativity is that it can take many forms if you let it. I do so many things and that's what keeps it fresh for me. I can work on a children's story one day, the next I’ll make a giant mural, and then onto animation for a music video. I would say that no matter what I make, in whatever medium or style, my one goal is always to make people smile and let them have a more pleasant day then they did without my art.

Your Etsy shop carries quite a few enamel pins. Why do you think pins have taken off like wildfire in the past few years?

With the rise of social media it’s been easier for people to share things, including very high-end and expensive products. People want to experience and enjoy these unique and custom works of art without the luxury price tag. Pins are a really accessible way of buying a piece of art from an artist you love while expressing yourself at the same time.

Enamel Pins by Leon Römer

Do you have a favorite fandom or specific item you collect?

Well as a pin maker I of course collect pins! Haha! I have more than 1000 of them. It’s gotten a bit out of hand. I also collect some other items such as magnets from my trips. Everywhere I go I always like to buy a little magnet. The second are sexy designer toys. I only get them when I’m in Japan. I can never go there and not come back without a cute designer toy. (We’d love to share a photo of Leon’s figure collection with you all, but they are too “cheeky” for this blog.)

Leon Römer's Magnet Collection

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

This is a question I get asked often and the answer would be way too long. I actually give lectures on this topic that last 3 days, haha. But in short, life! Anything can be an inspiration. Every smell, or experience can one day become a great idea. There are ways to train your creativity but you just have to allow your brain to experience as many things as you can. From the daily ordinary things to weird things that you don't even like. The important thing here is to never put things in a box or judge them. Just experience them and keep them in your mind for later use. You never know when something might turn into a good idea.

Amsterdam Tram Design by Leon Römer

What was it about Pinfinity pins that got you excited to collaborate?

Well, this is an easy question having seen what you guys do! Mixing augmented reality with pins is an amazing idea! I have never seen it before and it has blown my mind! A whole new world of possibilities just opened up.

New Pinfinity Pin Coming Next Week From Leon!

Where can we find you on the Internet?

I’m on Instagram the most and my Etsy Shop of course.

Thanks so much to Leon for providing some insights into his life as a professional artist. We’re so excited to offer up three of his designs in the Pinfinity Shop!

We want to hear from you! Have ideas for Pinfinity collaborations? Let us know your favorite fandoms or artists that you want to see pins from.

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