Interview With Caleb Paullus, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Wizard of Pinfinity

Interview With Caleb Paullus, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Wizard of Pinfinity - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

It’s official, the Pinfinity site is live! This means that both our Star Wars and Marvel Augmented Reality Pin Collections are now available! We've been working hard behind the scenes with additional epic brands and artists and can’t wait to share them with you. Keep tabs right here for Pinfinity Post news (like our latest releases), interviews with pin artists, and more!
What better way to kick off the blog than with an interview with Pinfinity Co-Founder, Chief Creative Wizard, and inventor Caleb Paullus? 

What inspired you to create Pinfinity? 

I used to make pins for fun and put them on Kickstarter. I noticed more and more pins popping up in retail and online, so I started thinking, how can I take pins to the next level? Then it clicked!

Why Augmented Reality? 

With AR, we can utilize our pins to unlock a variety of experiences and as AR grows in complexity and new features (there are some cool ones in the pipeline for our app) we can offer those experiences to the fans!

AR Pin for The Rise of Skywalker Soundtrack Release


Are you a pin collector yourself? Do you focus on a particular fandom or theme? 

Absolutely. I have been a Disney Parks pin collector forever. I have a few themes I focus on, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey, and Donald Duck.


Part of Caleb’s Oswald Collection


Do you have a dream partnership or collaboration for Pinfinity? 

Honestly, I have quite a few brands in mind that I think would work really well. Disney is obvious, but I also think Pokémon would be amazing.

Can you give us any insights or hints to future Pinfinity collections?

We have some cool future plans with our Artist Series where we work with a variety of artists with styles and characters we like. We will also be releasing a series of pins that are, shall we say, out of this world?


NASA Augmented Reality Collection Coming Soon


Any additional information you'd like to share with the Pinfinity community?

We really are excited to grow the Pinfinity community and are always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions of what pin brands you'd like to see next!

We want to hear from you! Have ideas for Pinfinity collaborations? Tag us on social channels at @PinfinityAR or #PINFINITY and we'll see it. You can also contact us using this form!

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