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When you take the mind behind the hit television show Rick and Morty, combine it with a big budget video game production, and sprinkle in some of the funniest and most talented comedic actors around... Well, the end result is pretty amazing, and something we can all look forward to from High On Life when the game releases on December 13th!

Justin Roiland, creator of Squanch Games, has lent his hilarious and absurd mind to television and video games with hits like Rick and Morty, and games like Accounting and 2019's Trover Saves the Universe. Everything this dude touches is gold, and we're thinking the same will be true for this December's much anticipated High On Life.

But he's got some big help with him this time, having signed on the likes of I Think You Should Leave's Tim Robinson, comedy legend Fred Stoller, Curb Your Enthusiasm's J.B. Smoove, the tremendously talented Betsy Sodaro, and SO MANY MORE incredible actors and performers. These are some serious heavy hitters in the comedy world - and they're joining Justin for a absurd romp through space chasing down aliens that are turning human beings into literal drugs. If all that doesn't hook you in, I don't know what well - but let's learn more anyway, shall we?

Let's start with the story: What is High On Life even about?

We thought the world was a wild and crazy place to live now, just imagine what would happen if a vicious alien race invaded Earth? And what if those aliens were members of a horrible drug cartel wreaking havoc across the universe? And WHAT IF those same aliens realized they can turn human beings into drugs?! 

High On Life sees us taking the role of a bounty hunter in an epic adventure where we're going toe to toe with this incredibly dangerous drug cartel and travel across the universe chasing down bounties that culminate in epic boss fights with amazing rewards - including new gears and guns to add to your arsenal! But these guns... Aren't just your run-of-the-mill video game weapons!

Let's talk about these (talking) guns!

These weapons are definitely not what you're used to using in your favorite First Person Shooters. You start out the game with your trusty pistol "Kenny" who talks to you, and is voiced by (you guessed it) Justin Roiland himself, with a voice that may be familiar to any Roiland fans out there. Your weapon is fully voice acted, interacts with the world around you, mocks you for making mistakes, cracks jokes, and so much more.

But if you thought you were going to be tackling this epic adventure singing "Just the Two of Us", you are sorely mistaken! Each bounty you complete, taking down the big bad Garmantuous' cartel bosses, you'll unlock a new gun companion, or Gatlian, as they're called in the game. Each gun with its own strengths and weaknesses, personality, and more. The guns you carry with you act as companions, comic relief, and can each be used to interact with the worlds around you in really impactful ways.

The Gameplay Experience for High On Life!

The term "Metroidvania" was thrown out a bit during the reveals for High On Life, but not in the 2D side scrolling platformer kind of way, and more in the "retrovresal" you see in Metroid-like titles. Each Gatlian weapon you find gives you new abilities and ways to interact with the world - but you can go to each bounty world in any particular order, meaning going back and retreading your steps can open up new areas to explore, not unlike the hookshot would in a Legend of Zelda game, how bombs do in Metroid, and more. The gameplay loop feels very fresh and interesting, and honestly it creates so many opportunities for replayability of these gorgeous zones - not only do you want to see these beautiful zones again for the sights and sounds, but now you might have a new tool that unlocks a sweet new are you couldn't get to before!

Another favorable comparison gamers might be familiar with is the Mega Man style gameplay loop - you're given a list of bosses to chase, bounties to pursue, and you can take them on in any order you want. Each cartel boss unlocks a new gun, which could potentially target the weaknesses of another cartel boss. As a Mega Man mega-fan, this is so intriguing to me and is honestly one of the biggest reasons I'm as hype as I am about the game!

And now... Everything you need to know... Straight from the creator himself!

So now  you've heard from us on what we think the big takeways are going into High On Life, and what you can do to mentally and emotionally prepare you for being a bounty hunter taking down a vicious alien cartel. So now, why not hear what you can expect from the man, the myth, the legend himself... Justin Roiland! Check out this great interview above (Keep in mind... There's some colorful language, so be ready for that!)

And don't forget! Our High On Life drop is available NOW at - but you only have until October 31st to sign up!

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