Back 4 Blood Pinfinity Pin Exclusive!

Back 4 Blood Pinfinity Pin Exclusive! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

Are you a fan of slaying hordes of zombies with friends, family, and loved ones? Hey - us too! And guess what, we're all on luck: Back 4 Blood, a brand new cooperative first-person shooter from the creators of none other than Left 4 Dead, is coming SOON!

On October 12th, fans around the world will get a chance to return to the thrilling world of cooperative zombie slaying - this time around, we're facing off against a new foe called the Ridden, who are hellbent on destroying mankind. Fortunately for us we've got something to say about that!

Preorders are available now, and the game is actually in early access beta so you can check it out for yourself! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Our UK fans can check out for an EXCLUSIVE Back 4 Blood preorder that includes a limited edition Back 4 Blood pin created by Pinfinity! Check it out HERE!

We can't wait to play Back 4 Blood - what about you? Let us know how stoked you are on social! And if you're one of the lucky folks in the UK, send us your Back 4 Blood pin pics!

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