Announcing our March of the Machine Collection!

Announcing our March of the Machine Collection! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

It's been a big year for Pinfinity and Magic: The Gathering already, with amazing new preorder items featuring the iconic Black Lotus, Phyrexia All Will Be One, and more... But now we're excited to announce and introduce our gorgeous March of the Machine collection!

The 96th expansion for MTG is set to release on April 21st, and in honor of this amazing new set, we're stoked to put together an awesome collection of pins and swag to commemorate the epic conclusion to the Phyrexia storyline that started with Dominaria United.

To celebrate March of the Machine, we've launched our second set of mystery pins, this time featuring some incredible and gorgeous designs for the five Praetors: Jin-Gitaxias, Sheoldred, Urabrask, Vorinclex, and of course the Mother of Machines herself, the Grand Praetor Elesh Norn. These five mystery Praetors come in an all-black finish, but there's a 33% chance the blind box will open to reveal a beautiful Gold Mythic Variant!

Fans of Companion decks will love our other two pins featured in our March of the Machine collection, as we've got Jegantha the Wellspring and not quite Lurrus, but instead her adorable Nightmare Kitten!

Like with our blind box Praetor pins, there's a chance that some lucky fans will score a Glitter Variant for our Nightmare Kitten and Jegantha pins - or, if you're a member of our MTG+ subscription, you can purchase a Glitter Variant directly from our site!

Speaking of MTG+... We've also got an amazing March of the Machine drop for our Pinfinity+ Magic: The Gathering subscription featuring Omnath, Locus of All, Niv-Mizzet, and the March of the Machine set symbol!

And last, but certainly not least, we've got some more love for the Mother of Machines herself, with Mythic Edition Elesh Norn AR-Enhanced playmats on sale now too - only 100 are available, so get yours before they're gone for good!

Are you ready to take a look at our #MTGMOM set?! Check it out now at, and don't forget to check out Pinfinity+ MTG at!

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