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Dead Island 2 Launch Day Hype!
The day has finally arrived: Dead Island 2 is LIVE! Check out the final gameplay trailer below, and get ready to take on HELL-A! Don't forget we've been featuring some epic Dead Island 2 swag over the last couple of...
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Our Five Favorite Mega Man Weapons!
It's been two years since our last drop featured the iconic Mega Man franchise, and last time we put together an article outlining our five favorite Mega Man bosses - that was a helluva list, since there are so many...
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Let's Meet Dead Island 2's Slayers!
Is it April 21st yet?! If you're anything like us, you're chomping at the bit to take a trip straight to HELL-A to face off against the undead! The much-anticipated sequel to the smash-hit Dead Island is right around the corner,...
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