Five Favorite Dominaria United Cards!

Five Favorite Dominaria United Cards! - Pinfinity - Augmented Reality Collectible Pins

Hello again, Pinfinity Planeswalkers! We know we've got some big sets to start reviewing and taking a look at coming soon - between The Brothers' War, Warhammer, etc... A lot of exciting stuff coming for MTG! But first, now that Dominaria United, the 93rd expansion for Magic: The Gathering, has been out for about a month, we've had lots of time to have our hands on some pretty epic MTG DMU cards - what better time to check out our five favorites we've played with so far!

As always, narrowing down to our five favorite cards is super tough! So whether you're all about good ole fashioned Standard, love yourself some Brawl, or you're all about that Commander life, here's five rad new cards (in no particular order!) that we have loved playing with from Dominaria United!

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse

Kicking this thing off with maybe my favorite card so far from this set (I try really hard not to be super bias or rank these lists or pick favorites, but hey, what can you do!) I was lucky enough to score a couple of these and fit them into a pretty slim and efficient life-gain deck, but it really shines in the EDH setting where it can be out and impacting the game so much faster than a Standard game, and really punishes the draw-heavy decks that were really prominent in the meta. A very mana efficient card for a 4/5 with Deathtouch, meaning it can be a great blocker too. All in all, just a doozy of a card that I fell in love with as soon as I got one!

Timeless Lotus


A five drop mana rock, that gives you ALL five mana to use. What a card! It fits perfectly into any deck, is fully mana agnostic, and makes some of those epic 5-color EDH decks I've been dreaming up a lot more possible. Did you get bad luck and not pull out one mana you desperately need? No worries, Timeless Lotus has your back! You've got the one-turn waiting period, of course, but this Legendary Artifact lives up to its name by being an incredible potent mana battery by turn 6 (or sooner if you're ramping your mana at all!)

Defiler of Vigor


I can honestly say that I think this may be one of the stronger Green metas I've seen in a while, and cards like Defiler of Vigor is one reason why. The entire Defiler set all have the Phyrexian mana angle, but Vigor is the clear top dog (or top Wurm, in this case) compared to their Defiler siblings. First and foremost, it's a 6/6 with Trample, for a 5-drop, which is pretty stinkin' good from a mana efficiency perspective, but you then have the ability to A) cast out green permanents faster thanks to the Phyrexian mana, and B) any creatures on the board get HUGE as you start to spit out more and more green permanents. This thing swarms your opponents, and I'd highly recommend getting your hands on them ASAP if you want some easy wins (or maybe don't, your friends might not enjoy it!).

Ajani, Sleeper Agent

I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't include Ajani somewhere on this list - good news is, Ajani is also a BANGER of a card. The +1 for his Loyalty Counters isn't terrible, and his -3 can be pretty sweet in a pinch. But no... You're putting this bad boy out on the board for that ridiculous -6. My personal at-home games, and my overall local meta games, hated me back when poison counters were first implemented back in the day with some pretty epic Pit Scorpion decks I threw together, but holy moly - you get a chance to get that emblem on the board, the timer starts ticking QUICK for your opponents. Honestly, in the few games I've gotten this emblem down, it was a quick victory after that - throw down the emblem, toss out some 1-drop creatures and boom, game over!

Vesuvan Duplimancy


It couldn't be a list of mine without an epic Blue card to round everything out - and while this card might not be a shoe-in for every single Blue deck out there, the decks that it does work for it's absolutely insane and borderline game-breaking. The ability to potentially infinitely duplicate your strongest artifacts and/or creatures, even if they're legendary, is just absolutely absurd in the right situations. I'm seeing it make waves a lot more with Commander decks. That said, I recently pieced together a super fun Blue/Black Tezzeret Artifact deck that Vesuvan Duplimancy has really done wonders for.


As always... These are such tough lists to do! Got any epic DMU cards you've been playing with? Head over to our Discord HERE and let us know!

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